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Power Plant Design / Repowering

All too often, engineering firms are not experienced or trained with regard to the particular and specific requirements for engine systems and therefore do not consider many important factors during the design of stationary engine power systems. In many cases, engineers familiar with HVAC systems and process piping practices typically used in commercial building design, are called upon to design engine auxiliary systems with potentially catastrophic consequences.

The result is an unsatisfactory installation that requires substantial rework after commissioning. In many instances, design deficiencies in cooling water or lube oil systems contribute to unsafe operating conditions and catastrophic failures that occur years after the contractor has commissioned the plant and the owner has accepted it.

While most OEM's offer guidance documents intended for use in plant layout and systems development, in our experience, these are often not utilized by the designer since they may be modifying and reusing a previous design or are simply unaware of the existence and importance of this resource. Ideally the OEM`s commissioning personnel would detect any major deficiencies; however the OEM may not be inclined to recommend major modifications because this could lead to implied acceptance of responsibility for the design. Moreover, often the manufacturer`s representative is under considerable pressure to, "sign-off" on the design in order to receive final payment.

By adding an engine systems expert to the design team, the cooling water, lube oil, exhaust and other auxiliary systems will be designed according to best practices and in full compliance with the recommendations of the engine manufacturer. From the layout of piping to the design of the foundation and the engine controls panel, Vronay engineers can ensure that an optimal and robust plant results.

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