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Vronay Engineering Team Receives New CEC Contract August 14, 2012

SAN DIEGO-August 14, 2012--The California Energy Commission (CEC) recently awarded a team of key equipment and technology providers headed by Vronay Engineering Services Corporation, an expert in reciprocating internal combustion engines and the Gas Technology Institute (GTI), a leading R&D organization serving energy and environmental markets, with a new contract totaling $1.8 million and the mission to make Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems economically viable in California.

The Vronay/GTI team received the PIER (Public Interest Energy Research) natural gas funding to develop and demonstrate a fuel-flexible hybrid-generation CHP system that can use natural gas and biogas produced by anaerobic digesters at wastewater treatment plants and landfills. The system will be designed to produce reliable and efficient thermal and electric energy for onsite use, while also enabling cost-effective compliance with the South Coast Air Quality Management District's (SCAQMD's) Rule 1110.2 emission standards for new natural gaspowered CHP reciprocating engines.

According to the agency's 2005 Energy Action Plan, the use of renewable power sources and distributed generation such as CHP systems is a top CEC priority. However, many wastewater treatment plants and landfills that currently operate on biogas face significant capital costs to comply with the very low emission level requirements.

Vronay and its partners will develop, design, install and test an advanced, fuel-flexible hybrid CHP system that integrates a partial oxidation gas turbine with a reciprocating internal combustion engine for improved overall system performance, reduced cost per kWe, and emissions that meet the SCAQMD's emission standards. The novel system will be demonstrated at the San Bernardino Water Reclamation Plant to assess its technical and economic viability.

"As envisioned, the system will require no removal of siloxanes and will use only a small amount of natural gas in a Partial Oxidation Gas Turbine to supply a supplementary fuel (diluent) to the engine which consists of inert gases (EGR) and the enabling leaning fuel, hydrogen gas," said John Vronay, PE, Vronay Engineering's president and CEO. "Together these are the absolutely leading technologies to extended the lean limit of spark-ignited engines and thereby reduce NOx without the use of catalysts and of course the extreme costs of these devices and their requirements for gas clean-up to remove 99.9% of siloxane compounds."

"What we hope to accomplish with our project is to enable technically viable and costcompetitive integration of renewable resources for hybrid cycle applications," added John Pratapas, GTI senior engineer, who will lead the project. "Performance targets of the technology we develop include improving efficiency and reducing the cost of a fuel-flexible, near-term commercial CHP system powered by a novel gas turbine staged with a reciprocating engine in a hybrid generation system."

The City of San Bernardino and other GTI partners including Southern California Gas will provide an additional $887,000 in matching funds to support the project. The targeted completion date for the demonstration is March 2015.

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