Engineering consulting services for the design, analysis and testing of reciprocating

internal combustion engines and engine systems.

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Vronay / GTI Awarded DOE Contract January 01, 2009

A project team, led by Gas Technology Institute (GTI), was recently selected by the National Energy Technology Laboratory for a Department of Energy award to demonstrate an innovative system for engine control, heat recovery and gas cleanup. This system is targeted at increasing the use of landfill gas, digester gas and coalmine methane for power generation by improving the system performance and reliability of reciprocating internal combustion engines that use these opportunity fuels.

Project Team and Sponsors

·         Vronay Engineering Services Corp., La Jolla, CA 

·         Gas Technology Institute, Des Plaines, IL

·         Integrated CHP Systems Corp., Princeton Junction, NJ

·         Pioneer Air Systems Corp., Wartburg, TN

·         Continental Controls Corp., San Diego, CA

·         U.S. Department of Energy, NETL Morgantown, WV

Vronay Engineering Services will be providing technical services for the application of new control system technologies to reciprocating engines to enhance their capability to utilize opportunity, gaseous fuels. The work will consist of combustion analysis, controls and sensor development, coordination and field test activities. 

Please follow the link below to a Field Test Site Prospectus