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Vronay Engineering Ultra‐Low Emissions System in the Spotlight October 03, 2012

Results of two-year R&D project presented at the 2012 Gas Machinery Conference

AUSTIN, Texas-October 3, 2012-Vronay Engineering Services Corporation, Continental Controls Corporation, the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) and the Southern California Gas Company were honored to have their paper, titled, "Development of an Ultra-Low Emissions System for Stoichiometric-Operated, Natural Gas-Fueled Engines Fitted with NSCR Catalysts," selected for publication in the 2012 Gas Machinery Conference's proceedings. They also had the opportunity to provide a one-hour presentation of the results of this innovative project.

More than two years ago, the California Energy Commission awarded the Southern California Gas Company with a $2.2 million contract to develop an ultra-low emissions system. Vronay Engineering Services Corp, experts in reciprocating internal combustion engines, teamed with GTI, a leading R&D organization serving energy and environmental markets, and several key equipment and technology providers to work on the project, which progressed steadily from purely R&D, to product definition, hardware and software design, and a six-month field test of the final system at a commercial cogeneration site. Following this effort, key project team member, Continental Controls Corporation of San Diego, a leader in low-emissions controls for gas engines developed a production version of the system that's now available in the marketplace.

"When we originally developed the idea for this project, we had some fairly specific ideas of where we were headed technically and where the challenges were waiting for us," said John Vronay, PE, Vronay Engineering's president and CEO. "After two years of backbreaking work by the tremendous project team of GTI, Continental Controls and many others, we ended up with a very different system that nonetheless exceeded the project goals."

Project participants Included:

  • SoCalGas - Prime Contractor, Steve Simons
  • California Energy Commission, Project Manager, Pablo Gutierrez
  • DE Solutions, Keith Davidson
  • Continental Controls Corporation, Rick Fisher
  • Gas Technology Institute, John Pratapas and John Wagner
  • Vronay Engineering Services Corporation, John Vronay, Technical Lead and
  • Mr. Ranson Roser, Consultant
  • Fontana Wood Preserving, Owner Mike Logsdon
  • DCL International Inc., Brendan Filby, Regional Sales Manager, Industrial Catalyst Division

The project's success drew considerable attention, so the team arranged for a media event held at Fontana Woods Preserving, the field test site, on December 9, 2012 at the completion of the final phase of the project. It was well attended by the media and local politicians from San Bernardino and surrounding communities, and resulted in stories carried by 105 newspapers.

The team's successful development and demonstration program will benefit rich burn engine operators with ongoing and future environmental compliance. The project also provides an engine solution for the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) market within the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

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