Engineering consulting services for the design, analysis and testing of reciprocating

internal combustion engines and engine systems.

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Since 2003, Vronay Engineering Services Corporation has been providing owners and operators of industrial, internal combustion engines and engine manufacturers in related industries with expert technical assistance with a wide variety of issues, ranging from the analysis of component failures to cogeneration facility design and construction project management.

Our success is due in large part to our approach of treating the engine as a part of a larger system and understanding how the, "engine system" functions and interacts with each other component of the overall plant. Our professionals execute our unique problem-solving approach by combining practical experience in the marine and stationary power industries with state-of-the-art engineering analysis tools. As a result, our services remain unique and we're able to offer clients insight beyond what's typically provided by engineering consultancies.

Typical Vronay Engineering clients include city and state agencies, public-owned wastewater treatment facilities, engine manufacturers and their North American representatives, the U.S. Navy, and large architecture and engineering firms. These organizations rely on our specialized expertise to ensure the success of projects that include a new of modified engine system, whether it's used for cogeneration, marine propulsion or emergency power.

Our multi-disciplined staff is hands-on design oriented and includes engineers licensed to practice mechanical, electrical, and marine engineering as well as ISA-certified automation professionals.

Our services include:

  • Feasibility studies, including energy/greenhouse gas audits and facilities plans
  • Transplant and/or demolition of reciprocating engine power plants
  • Evaluation and selection of powering or re-powering options
  • Power plant design, commissioning and warranty support
  • Engine component design, analysis and testing
  • Failure analysis /forensic engineering
  • Engine automation systems design
  • Project and program management
  • Engine expert services


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Contact us for solutions to your need for assistance with diesel, spark-ignited or dual-fuel engines. We have applied our expertise to engines ranging in size from less than 100 kW to more than 10,000 kW.