Engineering consulting services for the design, analysis and testing of reciprocating

internal combustion engines and engine systems.

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Engine Expert Services

Vronay staff are able to assist as experts in our field in a variety of capacities including through lectures, training and dispute resolution including legal proceedings.

Most matters that ultimately materialize as lawsuits can be avoided by retaining the required outside expertise (technical, legal or otherwise) early in the dispute.  However, situations arise, particularly with regard to catastrophic failures of engine systems, where the stakeholders become involved in litigation. Once this course has been chartered, the ability of one party to prevail over another often rests upon the abilities of their support team to clearly explain complex technical issues to the court in an an unambiguous and credible fashion.  The support team may include both those designated as testifying experts and those assisting as non-testifying technical support personnel.

Due to recent developments concerning Federal Rules of Procedure as a result of Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals and later Kumho Tire Co. v. Carmichael the scrutiny of the qualifications of experts who may be permitted to provide testimony has intensified considerably. This is widely seen as a positive change as it permits the Court to act as a gatekeeper to prevent the use of expert generalists or so-called, “hired guns” who are primarily experts at being expert witnesses rather than true experts in a particular field or discipline.

Vronay engineers have offered expert witness services both as testifying and non-testifying experts in matters of industrial engines for marine propulsion, diesel and spark-ignited engine generators, reciprocating engine power plant design and related issues. We are extremely selective in accepting this work and will ensure that should we accept your project, that our personnel will be duly qualified to withstand a Daubert challenge. We can also assist your counsel with assembling an overall team of technical experts capable of assisting with your case; in particular, if special expertise on a particular sub-subsystem may be required that is beyond the realm of expertise of our consultant.

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Contact us for solutions to your need for assistance with diesel, spark-ignited or dual-fuel engines. We have applied our expertise to engines ranging in size from less than 100 kW to more than 10,000 kW.