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Engine Testing & Test Management

Vronay engineers have collectively carried-out or supervised hundreds of tests of reciprocating engines and marine propulsion systems. Testing capabilities range from sea trial testing of new marine propulsion systems to verify fuel consumption and power output, to the management of the emissions testing of large medium-speed engines used for power generation. We have also performed emissions optimization testing of small (≤ 1,000 kW) natural gas engines used for distributed cogeneration and agricultural applications using the latest generation of portable emissions analyzers.

Why Hire a Consultant to Manage Testing?

In the case of new equipment, often the acceptance testing is performed by the engine manufacturer or equipment provider with little oversight from the owner or customer. The owner and customer often have limited knowledge of industry standard test methods or latest test standards endorsed by engineering and professional societies such as the ASME, SNAME, EMA or CIMAC. Utilizing an independent, non-stakeholder as part of the commissioning team ensures that any performance deficiencies will be identified and remedied prior to acceptance of the system by the owner.

Done Right: By identifying and resolving problems during the commissioning phase, while OEM field service and engineering personnel remain mobilized, the owner can take advantage of the best possible opportunity to resolve problems while the full capabilities of the OEM can be brought to bear on problem solving.

Done Wrong: Problems are only detected after acceptance by the owner and the remedy path is through the warranty process where the level of attention from the OEM is greatly reduced. Often commissioning personnel have returned home, perhaps overseas and/or are unavailable due to assignment to the start-up of the next project. Logistics and costs dis-incentivize the OEM from providing valuable resources to address a complaint that may or may not be a warranty issue in their view.

Examples of problems identified during commissioning by Vronay:

  • Undersized catalytic converters
  • Poor match between engine operating range and turbocharger match
  • Malfunctioning Air/Fuel ratio Controls system
  • Improperly wired and configured voltage regulator
  • Poor match between engine and propeller (propeller oversized)
  • Dynamic shaft misalignment due to hull motion
  • Improperly configured load sharing and speed controls equipment
  • Calculation of erroneously large numbers for NOx and NMHC by Mobile Emissions Lab

For more information on testing standards mentioned on this page please follow the links below:

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