Engineering consulting services for the design, analysis and testing of reciprocating

internal combustion engines and engine systems.

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Design Services

During construction of stationary power plants, marine vessels or modularized engine system packages, it is often useful for the owner to have an on-site representative(s), knowledgeable in each of critical systems to ensure that construction proceeds according to the contract specifications. In addition, this representative can make timely recommendations to the client with regard to change orders or design variations when these offer a favorable schedule, cost or value benefit to the owner.

The staff of Vronay Engineering Services has provided these services during the start-up of small cogeneration plants for hospitals, on-site combined heat and power plants at wastewater treatment facilities and for shipbuilding projects ranging from small, 149 passenger ferries to large, high-performance, US naval and Coast Guard vessels. Starting with our background as marine and power plant systems engineers and our strong focus on reciprocating engine based power systems, we are able to offer comprehensive services to the power plant or vessel owner.

Vronay engineers have also worked as sub-consultants to major international Architecture and Engineering firms as their engine system expert as part of the construction management team. In this role, providing what are commonly designated as, “Design Services During Construction”, our engineers have made the difference between extended construction schedules bogged down by unneeded change orders and successful projects completed one-time and within budget.

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Contact us for solutions to your need for assistance with diesel, spark-ignited or dual-fuel engines. We have applied our expertise to engines ranging in size from less than 100 kW to more than 10,000 kW.