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Jim Dyer

James William Dyer, Senior Project Engineer


James “Jim” Dyer grew up on a 5300 acre wheat farm in North-Central Oregon of which he is now the majority shareholder.  From an early age he was busy operating and repairing a variety of farm equipment including engines and other machinery.


Jim graduated from the US Merchant Marine Academy in 1992 earning a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Marine Engineering.  Upon graduation, he was hired by Chevron Shipping to sail as a 3rd Assistant Engineer and spent the next 10 years aboard a variety of their vessels including steam, diesel, and gas turbine power plants, advancing his USCG license along the way.  During this time he also spent 2 years on a special assignment working on the software and hardware upgrade project for Y2K security mitigation.


During this time he lived in Corvallis Oregon and when not at sea attended the Oregon State Universities School of Engineering where he completed coursework in a variety of fields including Ocean, Transportation and Civil engineering.  He also spent time in the wave lab researching subsea landslides and the tsunamis which these events generate.


In 2002 Jim left Chevron and began shipping out of the Marine Engineer’s Beneficial Association (MEBA) union hall.  After sailing aboard a variety of vessels over the next five years he received an offer to sail as the 1st Assistant Engineer aboard the SS Matsonia.  In 2007 he was assigned as a permanent member of the engineering staff for Matson Navigation and has sailed aboard both the SS Matsonia and SS Lihue as First Assistant Engineer and as Chief Engineer.


In 2010 Jim launched an inventory consulting company to assist Chevron shipping with inventory management on their recently acquired double eagle tankers.  The primary focus of this venture was insuring that inventory counts and locations were accurate and that the maintained inventory was serviceable. 


Jim has also sailed aboard the diesel-powered California Maritime Academy Training Vessel, Golden Bear, as an adjunct engineering instructor.  He completed five different two month cruises in this role.  The primary function of the Golden Bear is to provide a Safe, structured, and comprehensive training environment for future merchant mariners.  During the course of these cruises he functioned as a watch engineer, day working engineer and class room instructor. For variety of marine engineering   subjects including diesel engine operation and maintenance.


In 2013, Jim joined the staff of Vronay Engineering Services Corporation as a Senior Project Engineer.  In this role Jim is responsible for the supervision of engineering design activities, field investigations, analysis of engine and engine-system failures and for managing new construction for both shore side and marine installations providing design services during construction (DSDC) and construction management (CM) duties.

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